Tapoj Senior Faculty

Anupama Roy Choudhury


Masters In Physics from University Of Hyderabad (UOH)

Currently pursuing Bachelor In Education from Central University of Jharkhand (CUJ), Ranchi


I am a Physics enthusiast who loves to teach and demonstrate Physics in a simple manner. I believe Physics is keen observation and understanding any phenomenon in depth. Students fear Physics because they say it’s tough, but in my opinion if you have a good teacher then you will eventually love this subject.

 Teaching has always been my passion and I feel that education is the key to develop any nation. “Education for All” is the motivation which led me to Tapoj.

Tapoj gave me an opportunity to teach online and impart quality education to students through e-learning. Tapoj gives a wide platform to learn any subject of learner’s choice.

Major focus will be given to concepts and problem solving.


Teaching experience in UNNAYAN , a social initiative by CUJ.

Volunteer of Each One, Teach One (UOH)

Cleared IAPT(Indian Association of Physics Teachers) exam in graduation. 

Project in Michaelson Interferometer with Distorted Mirror.

Participation in National Conference of Solid State Physics.

INTERESTS : Singing ,Volleyball, Travel blogging.

Ishani Mishra

Our Biology Teacher

Educational Qualification

M.sc in Life Sciences from Central University of Jharkhand

About Ishani

A part time tutor & a full time learner. A firm believer in flexible teaching methods. Easily connects with students.

Work experience

Has been tutoring students for 5 years. Currently associated with “Unnayan”, an initiative by Central University of Jharkhand to impart quality education to the less-privileged.


Learning new things, exploring new places

Krishnakant Singh

Our English Teacher

Educational Qualification

Integrated M.A. in English Studies from Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi.

Currently pursuing Bachelor in Education from Central University of Jharkhand.

I completed a full Career Enhancement Program from TCS.

About Krishna

I am a language teacher and for the last couple of years, I am following the traditional way of teaching. But in this tough situation, it becomes very important to change ourselves so that we can adjust to the circumstances. My duty is to impart quality education. This platform gives me a golden opportunity to continue this. Online Education is going to be the future one day or another.

Work Experience

Four years of teaching experience in UNNAYAN, a social initiative by Central University of Jharkhand.

I also participated in various workshops on Teaching English Today and Teaching Online organized by Tata Institute of Social Sciences and BHU.

I also published two research papers in the field of education that you can read by clicking on the given link- “Macaulay vs Gandhi- an Education Transformation”– http://www.ijcrt.org/viewfull.php?&p_id=IJCRT2003195

& “Gandhi and Education” — http://ijmer.in/issues/volume9/volume9-issue4(3).aspx


Writing, badminton, acting

Naman Vatsa

Our Legal Advisor

Educational Qualification


About Naman

I am just a normal human being with big dreams and aspirations, my goal is not to be better than anyone else but better than I used to be…

Work Experience

Worked as an intern with lawyers, published research articles on online platforms, journals etc.


Writing, reading novels, travelling and exploring.


Our Student’s Counselor and English Teacher

Educational Qualification

MSc in Human Development from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore

About Pavithra

Hello! I am Pavithra. I am a fun, easy-going person who loves to be there for people in any way manner possible. I love to guide people in whatever they seek help for. That is one of the main reasons why I love to be a teacher, so that I could help out the young minds towards whatever path they want to choose and to be the person who they can vent out to about anything without any judgements passed! I am excited to be a part of Tapoj in order to expand my community of helping out the youth in even the smallest way possible.

Work Experience

Teacher in the NGO The Akanksha Foundation.


Baking, Singing, Dancing, Promoting Positivity

Rama Kant Singh

Our Social Media Manager

Educational Qualification

Bachelor in Business Administration, NSHM, Durgapur, West Bengal

About Rama Kant

I love to explore myself. In Tapoj I can find an ocean of opportunities. The most beautiful part of this organization is its dedication to serve the society .As an social media manager.  It’s my responsibility to provide the quality content to you all. If you have any query feel free to email me- [email protected] or WhatsApp- 7254930990

Work Experience

Digital Hashtag

Century Group

Big Basket


Reading Books

Saksham Singh

Our Physics Teacher

Educational Qualification

Int. M.Sc. in Applied Physics from Central University of Jharkhand

About Saksham

I love teaching & for the last four years, I enjoyed teaching Physics to my students. From my years of experience, I learned that teaching is not only about sharing of knowledge but also gaining of knowledge. My personal belief says that Physics is nature. It becomes easy for a Physics tutor to take inspiration from nature and impart this to students. My strong zone is problem solving & lab work.

Work Experience

Physics Teacher at Unnayan (CUJ) – 3years

-Teaching in institute for jee-Mains/Advance (physics) – 1year

Achievements: Paper presentation at NCNAP-2016, “Hydrogen: as a future fuel”

-Participated in 103rdIndian Science Congress-Mysore

-Participated in International Conference on Nuclear, Particle and Accelerated Physics-2018

-Lab work at UGC-CSR lab, Kolkata-2018,

-Visited two times in Variable Energy Cyclotron Center, Kolkata-2017, 2018

-Visited in Harischandra Research Institute, Allahabad for Quantum Computation-2019

-Project in “Suppression of Heavy Particles”.



Sameer Srivastava

Our Chemistry Teacher

Educational Qualification

Integrated M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry (2014-19) from Central University of Jharkhand.

Pursuing Ph.D in Organometallic and Catalysis (Chemistry)  from IIT Kanpur.

About Sameer

I have qualified prestigious CSIR-UGC NET JRF with AIR 70 in chemical science (dec 2018) and GATE 2019 with AIR 291. I love chemistry and enjoy teaching.

I believe, any problems if you relate by daily life examples will help you to grasp better understanding.

Our style of teaching is our great strength rather how much we know.

I have always been fascinated to reach students through my style of teaching and making them feel chemistry as fun.

Work Experience

2 years of teaching experience. Had been a part time tutor during my academics.


Playing Chess ( participated in district tournament and won a medal in rapid round) , cricket , badminton and listening music.

Shivansh Mishra

Our Mathematics Teacher

Educational Qualification

B.Tech in Nanotechnology (1st Division with Distinction) from Central University of Jharkhand

M.Tech in Materials Science and Engineering from IIT Patna.

About Shivansh

I have been in teaching since 2015 onwards. Initially I started teaching just to clear the doubts of students and utilise free time but when one of my student got good marks in mathematics then I realised that I can continue this for the betterment of students. I try to explain students in the simplest way possible and explore new ways to explain same concepts if possible.

I have joined Tapoj to try to reach out many students which was not possible to do through offline mode. I will try give all my experience which I have gained in few years of my teaching in the best possible way. I will try to make students think and solve mathematics in easier way.

Work Experience

Taught in Unnayan (2015-2017) and in HH High School (2016-2018)


 Playing Cricket, Football & Badminton and Listening to songs

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