CHAPTER 5 Principles of Inheritance and Variations

  1. Which of the following is example of substantive discontinuous variation
    (i) Hair less cat
    (ii) Polydactyly in humans
    (iii) Short legged ancon sheep
    (a) (i) (ii) & (iii)
    (b) (i) & (ii)
    (c) (i) & (iii)
    (d) (ii) & (iii)

2. Which of the following is incorrect
(a) Theory of Pangenesis        : Gemmules
(b) Theory of Homunculus     : Homunculus
(c) Theory of Germplasm       : Weismann
(d) Moist vapour theory         : Pythagoras

3. Which of the following represents heterozygous condition
(a) TT
(b) RR
(c) tt
(d) Rr

4. Mendal selected Pisum sativum for hybridization experiments because of
(a) Presence of unisexual flowers
(b) Long life span and non-fertile hybrids
(c) Clear contrasting characters and short life span
(d) Production of a large number of seeds and infertile offsprings

5. Which of the following is not a dominant trait of garden peas
(a) Yellow pod
(b) Yellow seed
(c) Axial flower
(d) Inflated pod

6. Transmission of genetic characters from parents to offsprings is
(a) Variation
(b) Heredity
(c) Blending
(d) Germplasm

7. Who coined the term “allele”?
(a) Mendel
(b) Bateson
(c) Saunders
(d) Johannsen

8. Trait found on 5th chromosome of garden pea  is
(a) Pod shape
(b) Seed shape
(c) Pod colour
(d) Stem height

9. How many types of gametes produced by a heterozygous diploid organism of 2 loci?
(a) 2
(b) 4
(c) 6
(d) 8

10. The  possible number of genotype if the character is controlled by 5 alleles of a gene is
(a) 5
(b) 10
(c) 15
(d) 25

11. The phenotype of F1 hybrid resembles either of the two parents in
(a) Dominance
(b) Co-dominance
(c) Incomplete dominance
(d) Intermediate inheritance

12. Law of dominance and law of segregation was proposed by Mendel on the basis of his observation of
(a) Out cross
(b) Test cross
(c) Dihybrid cross
(d) Monohybrid cross

13. Both phenotypic and genotypic ratio of F2 are same in
(a) Out cross
(b) Co-dominance
(c) Inconmplete dominance
(d) More than one option

14. The ability of a gene to have multiple phenotypic effect is known as
(a) Pleiotropy
(b) Co-dominance
(c) Complete dominance
(d) Incomplete dominance

15. A cross between F1 hybrid and its homozygous recessive parent is
(a) Out cross
(b) Test cross
(c) Dihybrid cross
(d) Monohybrid cross

16. Mark the incorrect one
(a) Gamete                               :  pure for a trait
(b) Co-dominance                   :    flower colour in snapdragon
(c) Lethal gene                        :   body colour in mice
(d) Incomplete dominance   :   Carl Correns

17. Number of phenotypes in F2 generation if a character is controlled by 3 pair of polygenes
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 7
(d) 9

18. Pick the odd one out w.r.t. non-allelic gene interactions
(a) Epistasis
(b) Duplicate genes
(c) Incomplete dominance
(d) Complementary genes

19. Fruit colour in Cucurbita pepo is an example of
(a) Duplicate genes
(b) Polymeric genes
(c) Dominant epistasis
(d) Complementary genes

20. Complementary genes were demonstrated by Bateson and Punnet in
(a) Caspella
(b) Mirabilis
(c) Antirrhinum
(d) Lathyrus odoratus

21. A gene which hides the action of another gene is known as
(a) Dominant gene
(b) Co-dominant gene
(c) Epistatic gene
(d) Lethal gene

22. Mark the odd one out w.r.t. polygenic inheritance
(a) Bell-shaped curve is obtained
(b) Also called quantitative inheritance
(c) Recessive alleles show cumulative effect
(d) Intermediate phenotypes are more frequent

23. Skin colour in man is controlled by
(a) Duplicate genes
(b) Supplementary genes
(c) Six pair of polygenes
(d) Three pair of polygenes

24. The term gene was proposed by
(a) Morgan
(b) Mendal
(c) Bateson
(d) Johannsen

25. Drospophila was used by Morgan as experimental material because
(a) It has a short life span
(b) A single mating produces very few offspring
(c) It cannot be  reared and bred under lab conditions
(d) It  has a high number of morphologically similar chromosomes

26. Who carried out dihybrid crosses in drosophila to study sex linked genes?
(a) Bateson
(b) Morgan
(c) Sutton
(d) Boveri

27. Coupling and  repulsion hypothesis was explained by
(a) Sutton& Boveri
(b) Bateson & Punnet
(c) T.H.Morgan
(d) Mendel

28. How many linkage groups are present in human male?
(a) 22
(b) 23
(c) 24
(d) 48

29. Individual having homomorphic sex-chromosomes produce
(a) No gametes
(b) One type of gametes
(c) Two types of  gametes
(d) Can’t be predicted

30. Holandric genes are present on
(a) Autosome
(b) X-chromosome
(c) Y-chromosome
(d) All of the above

31. Mark the incorrect one
(a)Fishes à ZW-ZZ type
(b) Birds à ZO-ZZ type
(c)Dioscorea à XX-XO type
(d) Melandrium à XX-XY type

32. In the XX-XO type of sex determination
(a) Males are homogametic
(b) Males have two X-chromosome
(c) Females have only one sex chromosomes
(d) Females produces only one type of eggs

33. Environmental mechanism of sex determination is seen in
(a) Bonnelia
(b) Crepidula
(c) Grasshopper
(d) More than one option is correct

34. Choose the odd one w.r.t. genomatic mutation
(a) Hypoploidy
(b) Tetrasomy
(c) Duplication
(d) Allopolyploidy

35. Which of the following is incorrect
(a) Somatic mutation         — no evolutionary importance
(b) Germinal mutation        — gametic mutation
(c) Frame shift mutation    — gibberish mutation
(d) Chromosomal mutation — transversion

36. Substitution of one purine with another type of purine is
(a) Inversion
(b) Transversion
(c) Transition
(d) Translocation

37. Inversion without involving centromere is called
(a) Monosomy
(b) Paracentric
(c) Pericentric
(d) Tautomerization

38. Cytoplasmic male sterility in maize is due to defective
(a) Lysosymes
(b) Leucoplast
(c) Mitochondria
(d) Golgi body

39. Which of the following is a base analogue?
(a) Acridines
(b) Hypoxanthine
(c) Nitrous acid
(d) 5-bromouracil

40. Aneuploidy which results in loss of a complete homologous pair of chromosome
(a) Euploidy
(b) Nullisomy
(c) Trisomy
(d) Tetrasomy

41. Which of the following is due to X-linked recessive mutaton
(a) Thalassaemia
(b) Cystic fibrosis
(c) Klinefelter’s syndrome
(d) Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome

42. Pick the incorrect one out w.r.t. pedigree analysis
(a) Useful for genetic counsellors
(b) Solid symbol shows unaffected individual
(c) Proband is the person from which the case history starts
(d) It is an analysis of traits in a several generations of a family

43. Cystic fibrosis is due to recessive gene mutation of
(a) Lysine
(b) Melanase
(c) Luciferase
(d) Tyrosinase

44. Genic balance theory was given by
(a) Muller
(b) Boveri
(c) Morgan
(d) Bridges

45. Sex linked characters are generally
(a) Lethal
(b) Dominant
(c) Recessive
(d) Not inherited

46. Which of the following defects in man is due to sex-linked inheritance?
(a) Colourblindness
(b) Polydactyly
(c) Beri-beri
(d) Albinism

47. Which of the following trait is X-Y linked?
(a) Hypertrichosis
(b) Cystic fibrosis
(c) Porcupine skin
(d) Epidermolysis bullosa

48. Which of the following radiations do not result in any mutational change?
(a) Ultraviolet rays
(b) Infra  red rays
(c) Gamma rays
(d) X-rays

49. Sum total of genes with all these alleles at any time in a unit of evolution is called
(a) Genome
(b) Genotype
(c) Gene pool
(d) Gene library

50. Gene mutation is caused by
(a) Linkage
(b) Reproduction
(c) Change in sequence of genes in DNA
(d) Change in sequence of nitrogenous base


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