Before class 10 there is a different world for the student & in class 11 they entered into a new world. Till Class 10, students are expected to study a combination of subjects like Social Studies, English, Hindi, Science, and Mathematics, etc. But after the 10th they have to choose a specific stream like Science, Commerce or Arts. Thus, it becomes very important for the students to choose the stream which matches student’s interest. Class 11 & Class 12 are very important to make a base for the new stream which you have chosen.

Proper guidance and an effective class play a vital role this time. Tapoj Team helps you with this. We provide free online interactive classes to the students of Class 11. To join our classes, please mail us at – [email protected] or WhatsApp – 7254930990

Below we provide you the complete notes as well as solutions for each chapter of every subject.

Class 11 Biology

Chapter 1 :- The Living World (Complete Notes)

Chapter 1 :- The Living World (Complete Solutions)

Chapter 2:- Biological Classification (Complete Notes)

Class 11 Chemistry

Chapter 1:- Some basic concepts of Chemistry (Complete Notes)

Chapter 2:- Structure of Atom (Complete Notes)

Class 11 English



Chapter 1:- The Portrait of a Lady (Complete Notes)

Chapter 2:- We’re not afraid to die…if we can all be together (Complete Notes)

Chapter 3:- Discovering Tut : The Saga Continues (Complete Notes)

Chapter 4:- Landscape of the soul (Complete Notes)

Chapter 5:- The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role (Complete Notes)


Class 11 Mathematics

Class 11 Physics

Chapter 1 :- Physical World (Complete Notes)

Chapter 1:- Physical World (Complete Solutions)

Chapter 2:- Units and Measurements (Complete Notes)

Chapter 2:- Units and Measurements (Complete Solution)

Chapter 3:- Motion in a Straight Line (Complete Notes)

Chapter 4:- Motion in a Plane (Complete Notes)

Chapter 5:- Laws of Motion (Complete Notes)

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