Class 9th and 10th are known as the years of exploration in the student’s life. This is the time where a student develops certain interests in certain subjects. During my Schools days, I started to incline towards social studies & English whereas some of my friends started to take an interest in science & mathematics. These two years of teachers as well as parents should help the pupils to give full space to their children so that they can freely explore their area of interest.

Proper guidance and an effective class play a vital role this time. Tapoj Team helps you with this. We provide free online interactive classes to the students of Class 12. To join our classes, please mail us at – [email protected] or WhatsApp – 7254930990

Below we provide you the complete notes as well as solutions for each chapter of every subject. 

Class 9 Science

Chapter 1 : Matter in our Surroundings (Complete Notes)

Chapter 2: Is Matter around us Pure? (Complete Notes)

Chapter 5: The Fundamental Unit of Life (Complete Notes)

Chapter 7: Diversity in Living Organisms (Complete Notes)

Chapter 8: Motion (Complete Notes)

Chapter 9: Force and Laws of Motion (Complete Notes)

Class 10 : Gravitation (Complete Notes)

Chapter 13: Why do we fall ill? (Complete Notes)

Class 9 English


Chapter 1 : The Fun they had & Road not taken (Complete Summary)

Class 9 Mathematics

Class 9 Social Studies





Chapter 1:- The Story of village Palampur (Complete Notes)

Chapter 2:- People as Resource (Complete Notes)

Chapter 3:- Poverty as a Challenge (Complete Notes)

Chapter 4:- Food security in India (Complete Notes)


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