Board exams are a very important turning point in any student’s life. Most of the students often waste their time deciding the right study material out of the plenteous options available in the market. National Council of Educational, Research & Training (NCERT) has been attributed to the role of developing as well as distributing textbooks to the students at primary and secondary levels. These books mostly focus on the basics & CBSE will hardly ask anything beyond these books.

Some key benefits of studying NCERT books-

1.       Offer in-depth knowledge

NCERT books are famous for their wide knowledge even the UPSE aspirants also start their preparation with NCERT books.

2.       Strictly follow the CBSE curriculum

These books strictly follow the CBSE curriculum. CBSE board exams are set according to the prescribed syllabus of the subject.

3.       Clear all fundamental concepts

NCERT books not only cover the syllabus but also clear all the basics and fundamental concepts. If the student gets a clear idea he/she can polish the skills further. So, getting a fundamental concept is the first stage of learning & that can be easily done by studying NCERT books.

NCERT books are just like Pandora Box for the students. Every time you read you will get some new ideas.

Handling a Pandora Box or NCERT books may look cumbersome process for our students. So to make your study easy Tapoj Team conducts various sessions on how we read NCERT books Please join our Free Online Session. 


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