Notice Writing Format

What is Notice?

A notice is a written or printed communication. It could be an upcoming event, competition, Lost & Found notice or just a piece of information to be delivered to our target audience.

A notice should be simple & focused on the objective. Notices are mostly put up on display boards in schools or in public places.

Notice Writings is a must for the school students for Classes 6 to 12. CBSE has prescribed a proper format of notice writing to be followed by the students.

The format of Notice writing is as follows:

Format for Notice Writing

The format of a notice should include: NAME OF THE INSTITUTION, NOTICE, Date, Title, Content, Writer’s name with Designation.

                   NAME OF THE INSTITUTION




                     Body ( Target Group, Date, Time, Venue, and all other important details) Content should not be more than 50 words.



Marking Scheme

Class 12 English Notice Writing- breakup in 3 marks – notice writing as per CBSE Guidelines is as follows:

Format –       01

Content –     01

Expression – 01

Total –           03

Notice Writing Tips –

If you want to write an effective notice then you have to follow certain steps –

  1. Do not cross the word limit. The body should be in 50 words.
  2. Do not repeat any information.
  3. Keep the notice short & crisp.
  4. SCHOOL NAME, NOTICE must be in capital letter.
  5. The purpose of the notice should be clear.
  6. Mention all the relevant details (date, venue, time)
  7. Signature, Name & Designation of the person issuing the notice.
  8. Put the notice in a box.

Notice Writing Topics

Notice can be written for various reasons. Format remains the same.

Here is a list of topics of notice writing that students must prepare.

  1. Competition
  2. NCC/Blood Donation/ NSS Camp to be held.
  3. An excursion trip
  4. A lost & found notice.
  5. An Exhibition

Examples of Notice Writing

Some solved question & answer of notice writing format.

Notice Writing on Lost & Found

Q1. While walking in a park in your neighborhood you found a small plastic bag containing some documents & some cash. Write a notice in about 50 words to be put on the park notice board asking the owner to identify & collect it from you. You are Amar/Amrita 91XXXXXX01.


Ans-                         NOTICE
     11 June 2020
                          Lost and Found
This is to inform all the readers that yesterday morning around 8 A.M. I found a blue coloured plastic bag containing some documents and some cash. The owner of the bag shall contact me on 91XXXXXX01 along with an identity proof. Thank You.

HELP — no need to write the name of the park because it is not required. Just write NOTICE at the top. You can write Lost & Found as the title; also include What- Plastic Bag, When- Date & Time, Where- Park. Don’t forget to write the name and the phone number on the bottom left. If the name is not given then you can also write XYZ, ABC, etc.

Notice Writing for Painting Competition

Q2. Write a notice for your school bulletin board. Your notice could be an announcement of a forthcoming painting competition. You are Akash (Head Boy)/Anshu (Head Girl).

Ans-                        XYZ PUBLIC SCHOOL


Date- 11th June 2020

                            Painting Competition

The notice is to inform you all that our school is organizing a painting competition on 15th June 2020. The students have to register to our drawing teacher before 13th June 2020. Topic will be given 30 minutes before the competition. Top three winners will get exciting prizes.


Head Boy/ Head Girl

Notice Writing for Excursion Trip

Q3. Write a notice for your school bulletin board. Your notice could be an announcement of a forthcoming excursion trip. You are Krishna (head boy) or Nidhi (head girl) of your school.

Ans.-                       XYZ PUBLIC SCHOOL


Date- 11th June 2020

                                    Excursion Trip

This is to inform all the students of our school are planning to go to excursion to BodhGaya. All the students are requested to bring 1,000 on 15th June 2020. We are going on 20th June 2020. Please do not bring any electronic device.


Head Boy/ Head Girl

Q4) Write a notice for your school bulletin board. Your notice could be an announcement of a forthcoming event, or a requirement to be fulfilled, or a rule to be followed.


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