Women Empowerment: The need for the hour

Women Empowerment

Society is standing on two pillars, one is male and the other one is female. If we want to maintain balance in our society, then we must give proper space to both men and women.

For the last hundreds of years, we had seen discrimination in society. Society gave more space to the man and more exploitation to the woman. The life of the woman was closed in the four walls. If any woman tries to go out of these four walls; she was considered a traitor. The situation of the woman is far better during the Vedic Period. This was the time when women enjoyed a high place in society. They were not just the spectator but also the partner in the decision making.

21st Century brings a ray of hope in the lives of women. Their continuous struggle is bearing the fruit of freedom.  Now we can see women working in every field and they are again gaining their lost powers. They are again becoming decision-makers from a mere spectator. The society which was heavily burdened by the patriarchy is now coming out of it.

In India, we can see women working in every field. Woman’s recruitment in police and the army shows that they are not weak either mentally or physically.

Men and women both are working for woman empowerment. The way society is recreating itself is commendable. In the new future, we can see a better place where both the pillar working equally for the betterment of society. 


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